Layers of Fear 2- Fix PS4 Crashing, Freezing, Installing, Launching, Layers of Fear 2 PS4 Error Codes

Layers of Fear 2 PS4 Troubleshooting Guide

Power cycle the PS4 system

Most of the time hard reset fixes the issue. Follow the below steps to perform a power cycle

  • Completely turn off the PS4 by holding the power button.
  • Wait for the power light to stop flashing, then remove the power cable and leave the PS4 system for 20 minutes.
  • Reconnect the PS4 system and launch Layers of Fear 2.

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Fix Different Error Codes With Layers of Fear 2 On PS4

Blue screen is very common on your PS4, in case you receive any error code please visit this link to follow the troubleshooting provided to fix the error code.

The above link provides steps to fix the error mentioned below:

  • CE-34878-0, CE-36329-3 – An error has occurred with an application or system software
  • CE-35406-8 – Failed to pair PS4
  • SU-30638-0 – Cannot update the system software
  • SU-42481-9 SU-41764-2 – An error has occurred with updating the system software
  • SU-30746-0 – System Software Update – An error has occurred
  • NP-37637-6 – Invalid argument
  • CE-30774-1 – Cannot Update
  • CE-30784-2, CE-41902-6 – PS4 failed to detect USB device
  • CE-34788-0 – The update file cannot be used
  • SU-30627-8, SU-30631-3 – USB error occurred while updating the system software

Restore the License of Game On PS4

In case, Layers of Fear 2 does not start, locked, download button missing, or game does not load, or you have lost the access to the purchase of Layers of Fear 2, please perform the troubleshooting provided below:

These steps will help you to restore the licenses of all your games and extra content you bought.

  • Log in with the PSN account used to purchase the game and the contents.
  • Go to Settings and then to Account Management and select Restore Licenses, click on OK once it’s
  • Go to the PS4 Library and then to Purchased and select the game (Layers of Fear 2). Now download Layers of Fear 2 by selecting the Download option. In order to download the downloadable game content select PlayStation Store to find the content. If the content was downloaded before find it under Purchased.
  • Once the Layers of Fear 2 download is complete, it will appear on the PS4 home screen.

For the complete guide, you can visit this link.

Deactivate and Reactivate Your Primary PS4

  • Go to Settings and select Account Management
  • Select Activate as Your Primary PS4, Deactivate then Reactivate.
  • Once done, access Layers of Fear 2 game again.

Check the Space on Your Hard Disk

In case you are not able to download or install Layers of Fear 2 then view the notification on your PS4 to ensure that you have enough space to download the Layers of Fear 2 game.

  • Go to Settings and then Storage to check the HDD space.
  • In case there is not enough space then select System Storage and delete the content as per your choice to manage enough space to download Layers of Fear 2.

Visit this link to get help with uploading Saved Game Data, Delete Game Applications, or Remove Saved Game Data.

Update PS4 and Layers of Fear 2

Updates are required to fix security and bugs. Updating the game will improve performance.

Select Settings from your Home screen then select System Software Update

To update Layers of Fear 2, choose Layers of Fear 2 on the Home screen, then select Options and select Check for update.

Delete and Download Layers of Fear 2 Again

In case Layers of Fear 2 does not launch or the closes while playing without any errors then reinstalling the game may fix the issue. Make sure to select No while uninstallation when it prompts to delete the application saved data.

  • Go to the PS4 Library and select Purchased.
  • Highlight Layers of Fear 2 game and press the OPTIONS button on your controller to open the menu, now select Delete.
  • Go to the Library, select Purchase and then click on Download to reinstall your game.

Try Playing Different Game or Try Another PS4

Try playing another game to make sure there is no issue with the PS4. You can also try playing Layers of Fear 2 on another PS4. In case you are facing the issue with your home console, you may contact PlayStation Support.

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