Fix Telling Lies Loading, Video Speed, Crashing & Mouse Cursor Issue

Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Telling Lies Loading, Video Speed, Crashing & Mouse Cursor Issue

Mouse Cursor Not Showing Up While Playing Telling Lies

This issue happens, when you have controllers plugged into the computer. Unplug any controllers connected to the system and restart the game.

Fix Telling Lies Loading, Crashing & Video Speed Issues

Step1: Update GPU Driver

Step 2: Update Windows

Press Windows + I to launch Windows 10 Settings, select Update & Security, and then click on Check for updates to update Windows 10.

Windows 7 users can install Windows 7 sp1 platform update. Windows 7 Users use this link to update.

Install DirectX

Step 3: Use the Dedicated Graphics

Make sure the game is using the dedicated Graphics such as Nvidia or AMD instead of onboard graphics, it is observed that in case of a laptop, the game picks the integrated graphics. To fix this do the following:

  • Right-click on the desktop, Launch Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Go to  Manage 3D Settings, go to the Program Settings and select Telling Lies from the drop-down list. (If you don’t see the game in the list click on Add and find the game in the list, you may also have to click on Browse and find the game)
  • Select Telling Lies, set preferred graphics processor to High performance Nvidia processor.

AMD users

  • Right-click on desktop and launch Radeon Settings, select AMD Radeon Settings from the menu.
  • Select System 
  • Select Switchable Graphics, under Switchable Graphics, select the game (if it is not in the list you can add it by using the Browse option and select the .exe-file of the game) Select High Performance for the game from the drop-down option.
  • Click Apply
  • Close Radeon Settings and launch the game.

Fix Telling Lies Black Screen Issue

Many players were able to resolve the black screen issue by activating the steam cloud synchronization.

Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization

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