Fix Swag and Sorcery Crashing, Freezing, Game Save Issue, Errors and Bugs

Today in this article we will troubleshoot Crashing, Freezing, Game Save Issue, Errors and Bugs with Swag and Sorcery game on PC

Check the Minimum System Requirement to Play Swag and Sorcery

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Processor: i5 and up
  • System Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: Dedicated video card is required
  • Storage: 700 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Stereo. Play with good stereo

Swag and Sorcery Crashing on Window 7

Update Windows 7 from this link. Also, Update DirectX.

Where is the Save Game Located

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Lazy Bear Games\Swag and Sorcery\

Fix Lost Save Game/Unable to Start Saved Game or Start a New Game

Navigate to the game folder C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Lazy Bear Games\Swag and Sorcery\ and find the savefiles look like “1.dat”.  Make a manual backup by copy-pasting 1.dat.tmp, then rename your 1.dat.tmp to 1.dat. Now launch the game.

Thanks to “drn” for the fix, source: Steam Community

Also, Run the game as an administrator and exception to Windows firewall for Swag and Sorcery game.

Add Swag and Sorcery exe file through Controlled folder access in Windows 10.

Type in Windows Defender in the windows search box to open Windows Security.

Click on Virus & threat protection

Virus and threat protection

On the next screen under Ransomware protection click on Manage ransomware protection.

Manage ransom protection

Under Controlled folder access, click on allow an app through Controlled folder access

Allow an app through controlled folder access

and then click on Add an Allowed app and select Browse all apps to add Swag and Sorcery exe.

Browse all aps

Black Screen Issue Swag and Sorcery

Close the game from task manager and restart the game. If not resolved repair the game files on steam, add an exception to your antivirus or windows firewall for Swag and Sorcery game.

Fix Mouse Issue on Start Menu

Remove all controllers connected to the system and disable vjoy.

Swag and Sorcery Crashing

  • Launch Nvidia Control Panel by making a right click on the desktop
  • Select Manage 3D Settings and select Swag and Sorcery from the Program Settings and set the Power Management to Prefer Maximum Power


  • Type Graphics Settings in the Windows search box and open Graphics Settings.
    Classic App should be selected by default. Click on Browse and select the .exe file of Swag and Sorcery game.
  • Now click on Options after it has been added and Select High Performance option when it prompts the new window and click on Save.
  • Now go to the installation directory and launch the .exe file of Swag and Sorcery as an administrator. Avoid using the desktop shortcut.

Swag and Sorcery Crashes on Start-up

  • Launch Steam
  • From the Library section, right-click on Swag and Sorcery game and click on Properties from the menu.
  • Select the Local files tab and click on the Verify integrity of game files…

Run the game as an administrator.

Perform Clean Boot

Type in msconfig in Windows search box and click on System Configuration.

Click the Services tab and check the box to Hide all Microsoft Services, then click the Disable All button.

Now click on the Startup tab, then click on Open Task Manager.

Click each of the Startup programs in the list then click the Disable button. Disable all.

Close the Task Manager window.

Click OK on the System Configuration window to save your changes.

Restart the system and try launching Swag and Sorcery game again.

Update Graphics Card

Nvidia Graphics card user, use GeForce Experience to update the game. Visit this link to update Nvidia Graphics driver.

AMD Users can update the graphics card using this link.

Uninstall and Reinstall Swag and Sorcery

If somehow game files have gone corrupt then uninstalling and reinstalling Swag and Sorcery may fix the issue.

Wrap Up

I hope this article helped you to resolve Swag and Sorcery Crashing, Freezing, Game Save Issue, Errors and Bugs with Swag and Sorcery game on PC.

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