Fix Police Simulator Patrol Duty Fatal Error, Crashing, Freezing, Multiplayer And Graphics Issue

Follow the Steps To Fix Police Simulator Patrol Duty Fatal Error, Crashing, Launching, Multiplayer, Freezing and Graphics Issue

Solution 1: Restart Steam

  • Exit out of Steam and restart your PC
  • Launch the Police Simulator Patrol Duty after the system restart.

Also, try to update or synchronize your game data with Steam to fix Fatal Error. If you have Comodo Antivirus which also is the cause of Fatal error, uninstall the Comodo Antivirus, restart your PC and launch the game.

Solution 2: Uncheck All Options Under Lan Setting to Fix Fatal Error

  • Type in control panel in the Windows search box and open Control Panel
  • On the Control Panel screen type in Proxy in the search box and click on Configure proxy server
  • Click on LAN Settings under the Connections tab
  • Uncheck all the options if any options are checked, click on OK.
  • Restart your PC and launch the game.

uncheck lan settings

Solution 3: Make a Change in Regedit to Fix Fatal Error

  • Press Windows + R key to the open Run box, type in regedit in the run box and click on OK
  • Copy and paste Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam\ActiveProcess on the top space as shown below and hit Enter.
  • Make a right click on the right side of the screen and select New and then click on DWORD (32-bit) Value as shown below:

Regedit steam

  • Now rename the DWORD file as offline and make a right click on it and click on Modify and change the hexadecimal value to 0 and hit OK

Regedit offline

modify regedit

Hexadecimal 0 value

Solution 4: Verify The Integrity of Police Simulator Patrol Duty Game Files In Steam

  • Open Steam
  • Go to the Library section, make a right-click on Police Simulator Patrol Duty game and click on Properties from the menu.
  • Select the Local files tab and click on the Verify integrity of game files…

Solution 5: Run the Police Simulator Patrol Duty As An Administrator

Make a right-click on Police Simulator Patrol Duty desktop shortcut. If you don’t have one, look for the Police Simulator Patrol Duty exe file in the executable file in the game installation folder.

When you make right click, select Properties, click on the Compatibility tab and check the box at the bottom under settings where it says Run this Program as an administrator and Click Apply and OK.

Solution 6: Allow Police Simulator Patrol Duty to Your Antivirus Program

Add Police Simulator Patrol Duty exe file to Windows Security through Controlled folder access. If you have any other antivirus, make sure to add Police Simulator Patrol Duty to allow list and also try running the game as an administrator.

  • Type in Windows Security in the windows search box to open Windows Security.
  • Select on Virus & threat protection
  • On the next screen under Ransomware protection click on Manage ransomware protection.
  • Under Controlled folder access, click on allow an app through Controlled folder access
  • Click on Add an Allowed app and select Browse all apps to add Police Simulator Patrol Duty exe.

Also, close all the apps running in the background.

Solution 7: Do Not Overclock GPU

If you are Overclocking or Turbo Boosting hardware in your computer, then we suggest resetting the processor or GPU to the manufacturer specifications, as doing so may prevent any crashing and freezing. Also, try disabling Vsync.

Also, disable Intel Turbo Booster from BIOS settings and in case you are not able to figure out contact your system manufacturer.

Solution 8: Update Windows

Open Windows 10 setting by pressing Windows + I key on the keyboard, then click on Update & Security, now click on Check for updates to update Windows 10.

Windows 7 users can install Windows 7 sp1 platform update. Windows 7 Users use this link to update.

Install DirectX

Step 9

Try these workarounds

  • Turn off VSync or Freesync.
  • Use Windowed mode to play the game.
  • Lower down the video settings within your game.
  • Turn off Shadowplay
  • Turn MSI Afterburner
  • Close all the files, browser or any apps running in the background while playing Police Simulator Patrol Duty

Step 10

To avoid connection, game lagging and multiplayer Issue use an ethernet connection to play Police Simulator Patrol Duty online, WIFI generally has a lot of speed fluctuations, using a wired connection fix the issue to a great extent. Make sure game is not blocked by any antivirus or Windows security, you can even turn off the firewall or disable the antivirus while playing the game, you can turn it on later on.

Solution 11: Uninstall And Reinstall Police Simulator Patrol Duty

Corrupt game files can cause multiple issues with the game, if none of the steps fix the problem then uninstalling and reinstalling the game may fix the issue.

  • Launch Steam
  • Go to the Library Section
  • Make a right click on the Police Simulator Patrol Duty game and select Properties from the menu
  • Select the Local FILES tab and click UNINSTALL… button

Please drop a comment below, we may come up with more solutions in case the issue still persists.

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