Troubleshooting Guide To Fix F1 2019 Crashing And Freezing

Please follow the steps mentioned below to fix F1 2019 Crashing And Freezing on PC:

Step 1: Roll Back Nvidia Driver F1 2019 Crashing

The latest driver version available for Nvidia users is 430.86 and players with Nvidia 430.86 drivers may experience F1 2019 crashing issue. To fix this try rolling back the Nvidia driver. To do so open Device manager, go to Display adaptors, make a right click on your Nvidia card and go to Properties, under Driver tab click on Roll Back Driver.  You can also install Nvidia beta drivers if you have access to it. Also, update the Nvidia driver as soon as the new version is out.

Step 2: Turn Off Steam Overlay

Steam overlay is also causing F1 2019 to crash and freeze, to fix this disable Steam overlay.

Launch the Steam and go to Steam > Settings/Preferences > In-game tab. Uncheck the box next to Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.

Step 3: Disable Geometry Culling or Disable DX12 or AMD RX

Players may face  F1 2019 Crashing issue with DX12 and Geometry Culling enabled. Either disable Geometry Culling while using DX12 or switch to DX11 while playing F1 2019.

Step 4: Switch to DX11 or Don’t Use MSI Afterburner

Use of DX12 and MSI Afterburner simultaneously is causing F1 2019 to crash, Either close MSI Afterburner while using DX12 or switch to DX11 while playing F1 2019.

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