Fix Control Game Launching, Ray Tracing Issue, and Error rmdwin7_f.exe is Not Responding

Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Control Game Launching, Ray Tracing Issue, and Error rmdwin7_f.exe is Not Responding

Unable to Use Ray Tracing with DX12 in Control Game/Control Ray Tracing Issue/Fix RTX Issue

Many Players were able to resolve the Ray Tracing Issue after updating the Windows 10 to version 1903.

Press Windows + I to open windows 10 settings, click on Update & Security and then click on Check for Updates.

Make sure to Update Graphics Card Driver, a new driver version 436.15 is out for Control game

Nvidia new driver release for Control game

  • Nvidia users, use GeForce Experience to update your graphics card, select Express installation.
  • AMD Users can update the graphics card using this link.

Few players also reported a bug with Control Ray Tracing indirect diffuse lightning, incorrect Shadows, and lightning issues. Make sure to update the graphics driver and update the Windows 10 to 1903.

Fix Control Launching Issue/Unable to Start Control Game Due to Pop Up Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64) – 14.11.25325

Restart Epic Games launcher, launch the game from Epic Games launcher, it should start updating the game and you will be able to start the game successfully. You can also navigate to the game folder and launch the game using Control_DX11.exe.

Fix Control Game Error Game_rmdwin7_f.exe is Not Responding

Try these workarounds:

  • Go to the game folder and delete render.ini.
  • If you have NAHIMIC software running the background, please close it
  • Allow the game to your Antivirus program or disable it while playing the game.
  • If you using Windows 8.1, set the compatibility of the game to Windows 7. Make right-click on the desktop shortcut or go to the game folder and right the game exe, select Properties and go to the compatibility tab, under Compatibility mode, put a check on Run this program in compatibility mode for and select Windows 7 from the drop-down menu.

Fix Control Crashing, Freezing, Stuttering & Low FPS

Step 1

Disable AMD SMT intel hyperthreading, doing this fixed the low FPS and Stuttering for many players.

Step 2

Use Nvidia or AMD Graphics to Play Control

Laptop users, make sure the game is not running on the integrated graphics card, use dedicated graphics (Nvidia or AMD) to run the game.

Nvidia Users: Make a right-click on your desktop and open Nvidia control panel, go to the Manage 3D settings, select Program Settings and choose Control from the drop-down menu. (In case, the game is not available in the list, click on Add and find Control in the list, you can also click on Browse and find the Control game). After selecting Control, set preferred graphics processor to High performance Nvidia processor and hit Apply.

AMD Users: Launch AMD Radeon settings by making right-click on the desktop, select System and then Select Switchable Graphics, under Switchable Graphics, select Control (if not available use Browse option and select the .exe-file Control game) Select High Performance for Control from the drop-down option and hit Apply

Step 3

Update Windows to version 1903 and update the graphics driver.

Step 4

Allow the game to your Antivirus software or disable antivirus while playing Control, also add Control game to Windows firewall. Close all background apps while playing control.

How to Disable or Enable MOTION BLUR & Film Grain In Control

With the latest patch coming soon (mid-September), the option to turn off and turn on motion blur & Film Grain will be added to the game. For now, we have to wait for the latest patch.

Source: Control Community

HDR Not Supported In Control

Right Now Control game does not support HDR.

Source: Control Community

Fix Control Game Progress Issue and Unable to Interact with Essential Items

To fix this, please try to restore previous or older save from the mission, select the menu and restart the mission.

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