Fix BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Crashing and FPS Issue

Overview: There are many players who are facing crashing issues in Advanced Graphic Settings, Low FPS and Antivirus not allowing the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle game to run. Please follow the steps mentioned below to fix these issues.

Fix BBTAG Advanced Video Settings HUD Crashing

Make sure you have these:

  • BBTAG 2.0 installed
  • Cheat Engine 7.0

Steps to Fix:

  • Launch Cheat Engine.
  • Launch BBTAG.
  • Go to the Entrance and stay here.
  • Go to Cheat Engine and attach the process BBTAG.
  • Now open the table.
  • Change the values of “Simple HUD Flag”, “Simple HUD Flag (2)” and “Simple HUD Display Flag” to 1.
  • Freeze them by ticking to the checkboxes.
  • Now open the Video Settings and open Advanced Settings.
  • Now it doesn’t crash anymore. Disable the checkboxes on Cheat Engine.
  • Change the value of “Simple HUD mode” to OFF and go back until you reach the entrance again.

Thanks to RayFirefist, source: Steam Community

Fix BBTAG  FPS Issue

Laptop users make sure that the game is running on the Nvidia graphics card, not the integrated.

Launch NVIDIA Control Panel by making a right-click on your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. Select Manage 3D settings, go to the Program Settings tab and click on Add. Find Code BBTAG exe and add it, now set preferred graphics processor to High-performance Nvidia processor and select Apply.

Perform Clean Boot

Press Windows + R to open the Run box, type msconfig in the Run box and hit OK, go to the Services tab and put a check on Hide all Microsoft services, click on Disable all and hit Apply, now restart your PC and launch BBTAG.

Update Graphics Driver

Visit the below links mentioned below to update your graphics driver.

Nvidia users: Use GeForce Experience to update the Nvidia video card.

AMD users: Use Auto-update feature to update your AMD card.

Add Exception for BBTAG  to Your Antivirus Program or Disable Antivirus

Make sure BBTAG is added to the Windows Firewall and your Antivirus program, many players are facing issue launching BBTAG with MacAfee installed, make sure to add the game to the exception list, you can also disable your antivirus while playing BBTAG.

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