Fix Blair Witch Errors, Loading, Crashing, Freezing and FPS Issue

Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Blair Witch Microsoft Visual C++ Error, Unreal Process Has Crashed Error, Installation Issue, Loading Issue, Crashing, Freezing and FPS Issue

Fix Unable to Install Blair Witch

Close Steam client, restart your PC and try installing the Blair Witch again.

Fix Error Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime is required in Blair Witch

Step 1: Update the Latest Patch

Restart Steam client, update the latest patch and launch the game, many optimizations and performance issues were fixed with the latest patch.

Step 2: Run Windows Update

Open Windows 10 settings, go to the Security & Updates, click on Check for Updates and download and install all the updates.

Windows 7 users, install Windows 7 sp1 platform update and Install DirectX, restart your PC and launch the game.

Step 3: Verify the Integrity of Game Files on Steam

Open Steam client, go to the Games Library, right-click on the Blair Witch game, select Properties, click on Verify Integrity of Game Files under Local Files tab.

Step 4: Update Windows using Media Creation Tool

Visit this Microsoft link and click on Download tool now, download and run the media creation tool, select Upgrade this PC now option, this process will take some time and your PC will restart multiple times during this process.

Step 5: Reset Your PC

If nothing works then windows may have gone corrupt, reset Windows 10 (Backup your Data before reset) and redownload the game.

To reset open Windows 10 settings, go to Update & Security, select Recovery option and Reset your PC

Fix Blair Witch Error AN Unreal Process Has Crashed: UE4 BlairWitch/Crashing/Freezing/Low FPS

Update the Latest Patch

Restart Steam client, update the latest patch and launch the game, many optimizations and performance issues were fixed with the latest patch.

Use Nvidia or AMD Graphics to Play Blair Witch

Laptop users, make sure the game is not running on the integrated graphics card, use dedicated graphics (Nvidia or AMD) to run the game.

Nvidia Users: Make a right-click on your desktop and open Nvidia control panel, go to the Manage 3D settings, select Program Settings and choose Blair Witch from the drop-down menu. (In case, the game is not available in the list, click on Add and find Blair Witch in the list, you can also click on Browse and find the Blair Witch game). After selecting Blair Witch, set preferred graphics processor to High performance Nvidia processor and hit Apply.

AMD Users: Launch AMD Radeon settings by making right-click on the desktop, select System and then Select Switchable Graphics, under Switchable Graphics, select Blair Witch (if not available use Browse option and select the .exe-file Blair Witch game) Select High Performance for Blair Witch from the drop-down option and hit Apply

Perform Clean boot

Press Windows + R to open the Run box, type msconfig in the Run box and hit OK, go to the Services tab and put a check on Hide all Microsoft services, click on Disable all. and hit Apply, now restart your PC.

Close all the apps running in the background and disable all the program from startup. You can also disable antivirus program while playing the game.

Run the Blair Witch as an Administrator

Make a right-click on Blair Witch shortcut on the desktop, select properties, go to the compatibility tab and put a check on Run this program as an administrator and hit Apply.

Adjust For Best Performance

Press Windows + R to open the Run box, type control in the run box and hit OK to open control panel, select System > Advanced System Settings. Go to the Advanced tab and under Performance showing Visual Effects click on Settings and select “Adjust for best performance” and hit Apply and OK.

Update Graphics Card Driver

Nvidia and AMD users can use the auto-detect feature to update the graphics card. Nvidia users can GeForce experience and AMD user can also use Auto-detect feature to update video cards driver. Use the links mentioned below to update your graphics card.

GeForce Experience

AMD Graphics

Turn Off Vsync

Go to the Display Menu and turn off the V-Sync setting, this should improve the FPS.

Fix Blair Witch Audio Issie

  • If your audio is set to 5.1, please turn it off.
  • Check if the audio is on mute or not. Go to the bottom right-click corner of your screen and click  on the speaker icon, select Sounds or Open Sound settings, open Sound Control panel and go to the Playback tab, disable all the audio devices except the internal speaker or the speaker (it maybe headphones, external speaker, etc.) which you want to use.
  • If still there is no audio, update your Audio driver from your system manufacturer’s website, you can also go to the device manager to update the audio driver. Restart your PC after the driver update and launch the game.
  • Uninstall Audio driver from device manager and restart your PC, this should install the default audio driver. Now launch the game.

Blair Witch Save Location


Uninstall and Reinstall Blair Witch

If none of the steps helps you to fix the issue, then it may be the corrupt game files which may be the cause of the problem, uninstall Blair Witch, delete all the folders related to the Blair Witch game, restart your PC and install the game once again.

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